Ne ocupam de clientii nostri si de clientii in devenire prin suport TEHNIC la orice ora din zi, chiar si Sambata, cand aveti o urgenta sau o complicatie in procesul de carotaj umed sau uscat!
Ne puteti suna cu video pe WhatsApp si impreuna solutionam orice problema sau situatie care necesita rezolvare rapida.

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Daca doriti sa fiti la curent cu produsele noastre inovatoare, cu OFERTELE noastre si cu prezentari video din diferite situatii care pot aparea in procesul de carotaj, va invitam sa va alaturati grupului!


ATENTIE: NU veti interactiona cu ceilalti clienti (nu veti fi deranjati de postarile celorlalti clienti), decat cu Narmacons Vest, si veti primi informatii utile si video-uri pentru a imbunatatii procesul de carotaj in general.

Va asteptam cu intrebari, sugestii si reclamatii cand este cazul!

Curand vom aduce si alte produse interesante si de utilitate in procesul carotajului umed si uscat.

IMPORTANT: Va recomand sa plasati comenzile tot pe adresa privata de WhatsApp.

Va multumesc si sper sa avem o colaborare frumoasa si benefica pentru ambele parti!

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About Narmacons

We sell tools throughout the European Union.

The company Narmacons-Vest SRL will provide coring motors (to be mounted on a stand or with manual operation) as well as diamond cores of superior quality in the TURBO segment and Fast Cut (wet and dry cutting) with diameters between 22 mm and 400 mm diameter and 450 mm long (the useful part of the tube).

We also sell dry cutting cores with holes along the length of the tube and without holes of 350 mm length (the useful part of the tube) and diameters between 53 mm and 202 mm.

350 mm long cores with SDS Plus and SDS Max dry or wet cutting.

We also sell wet and dry vacuum cleaners (1500 W), vacuum collector rings (double cheder), round steel and hexagonal hard aluminum extensions, diamond discs for cutting concrete and asphalt with laser, fixed and adjustable stands, fixed 41 spanner for cores, 10 L and 16 L water pumps, Hilti adapters, Vacuum plate and Vacuum pump, special reusable bolts and reusable conexpands in concrete and brick, collecting rings with brushes, special core sharpening stone, conexpand impact mandrel, chainsaws electric brick cutters, blocked core extractors, pre-drilling cores in brick, core centering systems, special adapters SDS Plus and SDS Max to 1 1/4-7 UNC, quick couplers for changing cores, threaded rod, quick adjustable stainless steel nut, discs concrete-granite-marble grinding, tile-tile-tile-porcelain cutting cores, collectors with diameter reducer (quick coupling), hearing protection headphones, 60 mm collars for tripods, quick coupling hose with anti-pinch spring handles, installer's kit (short cores), tile and stoneware cutting discs, core transport handle, lifting system for cut boards, etc.

It is delivered by fast courier with package check before payment throughout the country.

With personal delivery in Arad (location) or the company headquarters, 42 Lacramioarelor street, (Bujac district).

If you are interested in a price offer, please contact us at any time, we are at your disposal for any questions or concerns.

I offer seriousness and responsibility!

Inf. Tel. 0756923435



You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube!

With respect and esteem, Narcis Stefan STOIA.

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