About Narmacons

We sell tools throughout the European Union.

Narmacons-Vest SRL provide diamond core drilling machines (can be use hand-held or in a stand and is therefore suitable in confined areas or at difficult angles) of different models and types between 1500 W and 5000 W motor with montage free gearbox.
High quality diamond cores. Diameters between 22 mm and 350 mm; and between 70 mm and 470 mm long (tip) with 1 1/4 clamp UNC and M 16, compatible for wet and dry core drilling in concrete including reinforced concrete and brick of any type, BCA or other masonry materials.
The machines are professional and are manufactured to cope with the constant use, overload protection for motor and gearbox, also have integrated water cooling system.
All diamond core drilling machines comes with accessories, invoice and warranty included.
Narmacons also sell vacuum cleaners- wet and dry, vacuum collector rings, hexagonal extensions in aluminum and steel, 350 mm lengths specially made for Phorotherm cutting and any type of bricks, core drill bits, diamond disks - different diameters, fixed and adjustable stands, 41 mm fixed wrenches, drills, water pumping plastic can, adapters, etc.
Fast and efficient couriers delivered to EU (European Union countries only) shipping it may take up to 10 working days..
Personal delivered in Timisoara and Arad.
If you're interested in a price offer or queries, please feel free to contact us at any time, we will be at your disposal for any questions or concerns.
I offer and request seriousness.

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