Carota SDS MAX. Dry Brick Cutting


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Narmacons-Vest SRL offers high quality diamond carotes for professional use, Korean brand Well-King, with SDS Max grip

We sell diameters of 112 mm, 114 mm, 120 mm, 127 mm, 132 mm, 142 mm, 152 mm, 159 mm, 166 mm, 178 mm, 202 mm.

The carotids are specially manufactured for brick, BCA, vaiuga, with symmetrical holes along the entire length of the carotid to facilitate the exit of dust between the calup and the carota in the process of dry carotage so that the carota will not stop by forcing.

Ideal for hand carotage connected to the rotopercutor or borm.

We also sell carotes for cutting reinforced concrete of different diameters.


  • Weld Type : Laser
  • Carotare Type : Dry
  • Carota length : 350 mm (useful part of the tube).
  • SDS MAX grip (grip on the rotopercutor or drill.

Life between 30 and 40 M linear hole, depending on the material to be drilled.

The price displayed is for the 114 mm cart.

FACTURE is offered. Price with VAT included.

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